Excellent Cleaners Of  Mira Mesa

Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Pick Up & Delivery



Dry clean 2 Pc. Suit $9.00 (pant or skirt suit)

Dry clean Jackets (reg) $4.50

Dry clean Blazers (reg) $4.50

Dry clean Blouses (reg) $4.50

Dry clean Pant's (reg)$4.50

Dry clean Shirt's (reg) $4.50

Dry clean Dresses (reg) $7.00

Dry clean Formal Dress start at $9.00

Dry clean Skirt's (reg)  $4.50 (pleated extra)

Dry clean Saari start at $13.00 

Dry clean Tunic start  at $6.00

Dry clean Sweaters $4.50                                                                                           

Dry clean Winter Jackets start at $6.00

Dry clean  3/4 Coats start at $8.00

Dry clean Full Coat start at $10.00

Dry clean Graduation Gown $9.00

Dry clean Choir Robe $9.00

 Dry clean Wedding Dress $150.00 (clean and pressed)

 Dry clean Wedding Dress $210.00 ( clean & preserved)

Laundry Shirts Long Sleeve $2.75 (cotton)

Laundry Shirts Short Sleeve $3.95(hand finished/pressed)            

Laundry Shirts Folded/boxed $4.50

Laundry Blouses button down $2.95 (business cotton long sleeve hand pressed)

Laundry Blouses $3.95 (short sleeve/stretch) 

Laundry Kids Shirts $3.95 (hand finish)

Laundry Flannels $3.95(hand finish)

Laundry Snap button shirts $3.95 (hand finish)

Laundry Lab coats $4.50 (waist length)

Laundry Lab coats $5.50 (3/4 or full length)

Laundry Polo or Overhead $5.50

Laundry Tuxedo Shirt $3.95 (hand finished)

Laundry wash and Fold $2.50 Per LB. ( 10 lb minimum for delivery)

 *stops on non scheduled days will be subject to a convenience $5.00 fee 
*less than 5 item delivery fee $5.00 (residential)
*belts, hood, lining, undershell, collar,  removable cuffs, additional fee.


                                                                       Comforters $35.00 (any size)

                                                                       Sheets $8.00 (cleaned and pressed)

                                                                       Tablecloths start at $10.00-$35.00

                                                                       Pillow Cases/Shams  $4.50

                                                                       Pillows $10.00 

                                                                       Sleeping Bag $20.00

                                                                       Blankets $30.00

                                                                       Sheepskin Rug start at $30.00 ($10 extra to brush and fluff)

                                                                       Panel's start at $8.00 and up

                                                                       Throw $10.00 and up

                                                                       Table Runner $5.50

                                                                       Sofa Cover(love seat) $20.00

                                                                       Sofa Cover(large) $30.00

                                                                       Cushion Cover (couch) $5.50 ea.

                                                                       Chair Cover (full chair) $5.50

                                                                       Area rug $2.50 per sq ft

                                                                       Bathroom rug $4.50 and up

                                                                       Shower Curtain $6.00 (cleaned and pressed)

                                                           Tailoring and Repairs


Hem Pants $12.00 (regular hem)

Hem Pants $15.00 (cuffs or lining)

Hem Jeans $18.00 (original extra)

Hem Skirt $12.00

Hem Dress $15.00 and up

Formal Dress hem $20.00 and up

Stitch $6.00 and up

                                                                                   Patch $8.00 and up

                                                                                  Zipper Pants or Skirt $18.00 (reg)

                                                                                  Zipper Jackets $25.00 and up

                                                                                 Take in Pants $20.00

                                                                                 Waist Pants $20.00

                                                                                Shorten Sleeves $15.00 and up

                                                                                Suit Jacket Sleeves $35.00

                                                                                Button $1.50

We also offer shoulder blades, household repairs, taper, snaps, hooks, jeans buttons among many other repairs.



                                                                                Lint Lifter $3.95

                                                                                Collar Stays $3.95

                                                                                Collar Expanders $3.95

                                                                                Fuzz Brick $3.95

                                                                               Fuzz Comb $3.95

                                                                               Clothing bag $5.00


At Excellent Cleaners we have environmentally friendly dry cleaning. All of our machines are padded to protect your clothing to the fullest. You can help too, ask for a reusable 2 In 1 clothing bag and stop receiving those pesky plastic bags that only end up in the trash.  You can also receive a garment bag for quick drop off's, Simply request one from one of our associates . Do you change from wire hangers to your own hangers at home, after you pick up your dry cleaning? Bring us your hanger's of choice when you drop off and we will gladly use your hangers. Our staff has had many years of experience in dry cleaning and laundry. Most of our staff members have been with our company no less than 10 years.