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Excellent Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning and Laundry

Service Prices

Dry Clean


Slacks, Polos, Blazer, Skirts, Blouses, Ties, Vest

, price per item,   excludes dresses, Coats, winter jackets, Down, Formals, Fancy Items, Tunics and more

Reg short dress $7.00

Tunic $6.00

Coats $9.00 and up

Winter Jacket $6.00

Formal dress $12 and up

Wedding dress Dry Clean $120.00

Suits(2pc) $9.98

2pc uniforms $9.98

Dress suit $10.99



Long Sleeve button down cotton shirts

price per shirt,  excludes kids shirts, shorts sleeve,  stretch fabric, snap buttons, blouses, tuxedo shirts, t-shirts, polo

Special Shirts $3.95

(hand press and hand finish)

Short Sleeve shirts $3.95

(hand press/hand finish button down)

Blouses button down) $3.95

(hand press or hand finish)

T-shirts, overhead, polo's $4.99



Dry clean or Laundry

price per comforter, price does not include pillow cases, shams sheets etc

Pillow cases/shams $4.50

Sheets $9.00  and up

Duvet $15 and up

Panels $10 and up

Leather Jacket... $60.00

Fur Coat... $70.00

Shoe Cleaning... $25.00

Ugg Boot Cleaning... $50.00

Sheepskin Rug... $30.00 and up

Rug Clean... $20.00 and up

Wash and Fold...$2.50 per lb.

*prices subject to change

*Prices are for regular everyday items, fancy beaded, layered items may be subject to an extra fee. 

*Free delivery with 5 items or more, no discounts with delivery. next day delivery may be subject to convenience fee.