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Image by Maria Ionova

Dry Clean

Pants, Polos, Sweaters, Blazers, Shorts, Blouses, Tops, Vest.

Coats, Dresses, Formals, Tunics extra.

Image by Nimble Made

Laundry Business Shirt

Long Sleeve Button Down Business Shirts. Short sleeve, stretch, flannel, blouses extra.

Image by Eniola B.

Comforter, Quilts, Bedspread, Duvet

Laundry or Dry clean. Any size.

Dry Cleaning

Dress $11.00 and up 

Maxi summer dress $14.00 and up

Jumpsuits $14.00

Romper (short) $11.00

Formal dress $15.00 and up

Coats start at $10.00

Down Jacket $10.00 and up

Tunics $11.00 and up

Saari $20.00 -$25.00

Suits (2pcs) $13.00

Uniform (2pcs) $13.00

Jerseys $7.50

Hoodie $7.50

Zip up hoodie $7.50

Specialty Cleaning

Shoe Cleaning $25.00

Ugg boots $50.00

Leather/Fur jackets $65.00 and up

Sheepskin rug $45.00 and up

Sheepskin car seat covers $15.00 ea.

Stuffed animals $8.00 and up

Mascots full suit $70.00 and up

Wedding Cleaning

Wedding dress press only $80.00

Wedding Dress cleaning $190.00

Wedding dress preserved $250.00


Short Sleeve shirt $4.95

Blouse $6.50

Washable silk $6.50

Stretch Shirts $6.50

Flannel Shirt $6.50

Tshirts $6.50

Jersey $7.50

Pants $6.50

Wash and Fold $3.15


Sheets $12.00

Pillow cases/shams $5.25

Duvet Cover $39.00

Panels $15.00 and up

Pleated curtains $3.00 per pleat

Throws $15.00 and up

Blanket $28.00 and up

Pillows $10.00 and up

Custom Tailoring
   and alterations

Hem slacks $15 and up 

Take in Slacks $25 and up

Shorten Sleeves Blazer $35 and up

Shorten Sleeves blouse/shirt $20 and up

Shorten Dress/skirt $25 and up

Take in sides Dress $35.and up

Button repair $6.00

Add button holes $8.00

Curtain and Panels hem $25 and up

*prices subject to change

*Prices are for regular everyday items, fancy beaded, layered items may be subject to an extra fee. 

*Free delivery with 10 items or more, no discounts with delivery. next day delivery may be subject to convenience fee.

*$20 fee for pick ups under 10 items. $5. rescheduling fee (if driver comes on pickup day and there are no items for us to pick up. 

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